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Demystifying Retargeting Companies

2% of all the traffic that visits your site will be converted. How then do online marketers get to the rest of the 98% and encourage them to go to their site. One of the best efforts in doing these and has had a high success rate of over 70% is retargeting. Retargeting companies like AdRoll, the global leader in retargeting helps you use web and social media networks like Facebook radically to help you develop ads that reach out to your target audience.
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A Slip or a Fall?

Cognitive Technology Solutions Corp is American Multinational IT service provider. It has been known for their services being efficient as well as cost effective. It has also been ranked as the best top performing and fastest growing IT¬†companies in calgary¬†and that it is why it was a surprise when it was reported to have the slowest quarterly revenue growth in since its inception (1996). This has made many clients and investors to hold back on spending due to uncertainty. Continue reading  

C-Cure 9000 Offers Powerful Security Solutions

c-cure 9000

In security management, it is no secret that threats evolve over time. Miscreants are always on the lookout for ways to beat existing security systems. This is why it is important to choose a product that can provide comprehensive security and the latest and best features. Because threat levels vary from one company to the next, it is also an advantage to choose solutions which offer great flexibility. That way you can choose to start with basic features with the option to easily upgrade your level of protection based on changes in threat levels. How bad can it get? This article relates how a school has installed equipment that pinpoints gunfire!

C-Cure 9000 offers powerful yet flexible security solutions applicable for use by small companies operating from a single site, to large corporations which operate globally.

C-Cure 9000 Options

C-Cure 9000 SiteServer provides a cost effective and powerful access control and web-based security and event management solution. This security management suite features as pre-installed and pre-configured database to save on set-up time. It is powerful enough to handle sites which require a maximum of 32 readers. Because it is user-friendly, easy to learn, and affordable, C-Cure 9000 SiteServer is popular with small commercial offices, schools, hospitals, healthcare centers, and other small locations. Many trade shows, conventions and other event have used this system. Companies with multiple sites can use the C-Cure 9000 SiteServer as a satellite application server (SAS) within a bigger enterprise environment.

Truly large corporations would derive the most benefit from the full features of C-Cure 9000 Enterprise security management solution which is designed to provide unparalleled levels of enterprise scalability. Thus even if your corporation only operates from an handful of sites at the moment, C-Cure 9000 Enterprise will provide the protection you need now, while retaining the option to grow along with your security requirements. This system is powerful enough to provide full control even for companies operating multiple sites all over the globe. Using C-Cure 9000 Enterprise your security personnel and IT managers have central control while each local facility retains control over their own areas. Personnel at your central control can monitor multiple alarms from different sites, as well as configure the set-ups at each individual site.

C-Cure 9000 Web Client adds the convenience of remote access and control to your C-Cure 9000 security management system through any computer with an internet connection. Thus you can easily display views of entrance doors, manage personnel records, monitor equipment and view incidents from within a facility or any other place in the world. With C-Cure 9000 Web Client you can also use computer access to adjust equipment, tweak sensor settings, and control the entire security system.

C-Cure Go is a mobile application which can control C-Cure 9000 Security Management through smart phones and devices. This enable you to search for or update data, alter security settings and permissions, and investigate incidents while on the road.

C-Cure Mobile is a portable security/access control solution which uses the C-Cure 9000 security and event management system to allow identity verification for remote sites. The portable reader need not be wired to an access control system so entrances can be designated anywhere.

No matter the size of your organization you can rely on C-Cure 9000 to keep you protected.

Multi Touch Screen – Built To Impress

multi touch screen

People in business are always interested in anything that would capture the attention of their target market. Businessmen are always searching for ways to be able to entice present and potential clients to communicate and interact with them. Their goal, of course, is to have a chance to promote the products and services they offer, and perhaps learn more about their potential clients. The goal is to impress, not only with their products, but with the way information is presented.

Whether displaying product information in a showroom, participating in a trade show, or managing an event, a multi touch screen provides one of the most impressive ways to communicate with your target market. A multi touch screen is ideal for events because they reduce the need for ushers and present information in a manner many still view as high tech.

Direction, Navigation And Event Schedules

While events normally require ushers to guide visitors, using multi touch screen kiosks is an economical and exiting way to provide the same information. While browsing through the information contained in the screens, the visitors can be exposed to product advertisements. Visitors are also likely to enjoy using finger swipes and gestures to find the booths they want to visit. The kiosks may also provide up-to-date event schedules, in cases where last-minute changes cannot be avoided.

Product Information And Advertisements

Large touch screens at each booth can be used to feature selected products and services. In addition to providing product information, these screens can also be used to elicit names and contact information from potential customers.

Touch screens can also be strategically deployed on pathways with heavy pedestrian traffic to advertise products and services.

Engaging Product Presentations

Booths can be specially set-up to provide product presentations to potential clients through the use of touch screens on walls or touch screen tables. This is especially helpful in presenting real property for sale; images of the model homes, the development layout, features, pricing and payment terms can all be presented using just touches and gestures. When properly programmed, touch screens will encourage clients to actively participate in the discussion, leading to greater chances of closing a sale.

Registration, Pre-Qualification And Data Capture

The event or the booths maintained by participating companies may offer clients the chance to register their names and particulars using touch screens. To sweeten the deal companies may offer raffle prizes or product samples. Data on prospective clients are thus captured.

Certain events are held to advance a cause. An example would be an event held to promote responsible waste management and disposal. For these types of events touch screens can be valuable tools in educating the target audience. Educating the public on proper waste disposal, for example, can be done by providing information in a straightforward manner or through games for which small prizes may be given to winners/participants.

An article on the Trade Show Network website predicts that future trade shows are likely to incorporate more interactive experiences. Whatever event you are part of, large format touch screens can be very useful in getting your message across, in an impressive and interactive manner.